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Is this a picture of you?

Your shoulders sit close to ears throughout the day due to tension and stress.

Your breathing is shallow, or you sometimes catch yourself holding your breath.

Thoughts race around your brain that bring stress and anxiety, without a way to shut them off.

This WAS a picture of me.

Some days I became aware that I hadn’t taken a deep breath. How long has it been since you have? My shoulders would creep up during the day as the stress around me accelerated. When I would remember to settle down and relax a bit, I’d finally take control and let my shoulders ease back down to where they belong.

Then there’s those pesky thoughts. They would hit me as I was trying to fall asleep, or on the way into work, or especially Sunday night before the work week would start. I was trying to solve work problems, or be extra creative about work issues so I could stand out, or just work out what I had to do. I was never peaceful.

The following techniques will help you right away. However, pick some to incorporate into your everyday living for a healthier, happier you. To do this, it will take practice, Change requires consistency. I know you can do this, because I have!