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Everyday Happiness

Updated: Nov 10, 2022

Has it been a while since you felt happy? Perhaps you think it's a "pie in the sky" kind of feeling, that others have. It could be because of what you've been through, you think you will never feel happy like before. If you have recently been through serious life changing circumstances, I'd like you to think about the steps below to find some daily happiness.

1. Rate your state of being on a scale of 1-10. Ten, you feel content, happy, and peaceful with one feeling the opposite.

2. Now write a list of the things that you like. This can be anything from popcorn, to warm socks, to petting your dog or cat, anything. Make this list as long as you can, adding small things, or bigger things as you think of them. Fill up a page!

3. Choose one thing a day on your list to do.

4. While you are doing the thing you have chosen, consciously allow yourself to truly be present and enjoy it in that moment. As an example, if I choose from my list drinking a hot cup of mocha, then for the entire cup, I allow myself to enjoy it, without thinking of anything else but how wonderful it is. This brings my rating up...just a little bit.

5. When doing this simple exercise, take note how it's brought your rating up, even for a few moments.

The object of this exercise is to allow yourself a small slice of happiness, everyday. It seems too simplistic and a bit unrealistic doesn't it? But, start small with this baby step to change your world from what it is to a happier state. Just one step at a time. As you practice this, you begin to notice the things that bring you joy. Don't get me wrong, this takes practice when your heart is aching. But, you are worth it. You can and will find everyday happiness.

Are you are uplifted and challenged to allow everyday happiness in your life today? Coaching will help!

Contact me here to chat about your questions and how to proceed. Waiting to hear from you......Linda

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