Why Coach?

Coaching with Linda offers one on one personal attention to help you take steps forward in your life.  It's not therapy, where you uncover and recover from past events, it's about discovering who you are now and how to move ahead toward a happy new life.  You'll feel heard, supported, and encouraged as Linda shares her easy coaching tools for you to put into practice.  Read the basic plan of action below that will start to set everything into motion!

Coaching Packages Available: 

  #1.   Four months of coaching, connecting every 10 days 

  #2.   Six months of coaching, connecting every 10 days


We'll start here...

We start by taking a deep dive into your current situation and concerns.  What brought you to this point?  What keeps you awake at night?  I guarantee you will feel heard!  I'll introduce effective coaching tools to help you identify where to begin.  The result?  You will have a path to increased confidence and courage to face the day.


Our next step is to identify what roadblocks showed up on your path.  We work on handling set backs and gain the courage to keep going!  Now you begin to notice breakthroughs, like making decisions without second guessing, and getting through the day without crying.

Everyday happiness...

As we wrap up coaching, we view your accomplishments then cement what worked to support your new lifestyle and way of thinking.  You'll leave coaching with a maintenance plan to lock in your commitment to thrive.  You're first morning thought will be, "life is good!"

What you receive with each coaching package:

  •    60-minute telephonic (Zoom or Facetime) sessions with your coach (me!), to fit your schedule, booked about 10 days apart,                                          and unlimited email access for brief questions to your coach, for the duration of coaching

  •    Small flip book, "Courage Quotes for Life Challenges" collected by Linda Ward

  •    Daily courage quotes of encouragement to your email box for the duration of coaching

  •    Three equal payments available

Woman at the Beach

Brighter days are ahead.  Second guessing, worry and stress, are replaced with the courage 

to make each day the best possible.  Take this step to everyday happiness.  

You'll be proud of yourself.  

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