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I Can’t Unsee What I Saw in the Store. She Got Away With It.

Updated: Nov 10, 2022

About eight months ago I was shopping in one of my favorite home goods stores. I was basically waiting for a lady to clear the isle so I could go there and look at the fake plants. I stood across from her isle acting interested in items I cared nothing about, until she moved on. In that small amount of time, I saw her take a sticker tag off one straggly fake plant and switch it to a full looking beautiful fake plant. She was unaware that I was watching her. But, also, she was not trying to hide anything or looking around to see if the coast was clear. She wanted the item, she wanted it cheap, and she made it happen.


Now I’m left with a dilemma. Do I say something to her? Do I report her to a store worker who was close, stocking shelves? Do I do nothing?


I’m standing there in my own musings when she put the newly and cheaply priced fake plant in her cart and left the isle. It’s still on my mind later when I pass the worker stocking shelves. It’s on my mind as I check out and leave the store.


I did nothing. I went home and told my husband about this snapshot in time. Even though it happened months and months ago, it popped into my mind this morning. What would you do? Would you let it go or would you say something?


My husband says he would let it go. My girlfriend said she would confront and ask the lady if she could buy the item for her at the original price. I think I would and should have said, “excuse me, can I ask you why you switched the price tags?” I mean, someone should help this lady see that what she did was wrong, right?


What could be the best outcome of confronting this woman, in the sweetest of ways? She could have punched me. Or, reported me for harassing her in the store. She could have ignored me or walked away. In the very least, it could have made her uncomfortable instead of me.

I regret doing nothing.

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