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It's none of my business!

Are you one of those women who try to please everyone? Do you worry about what others think about you? Some of this is normal. You’d love your in-laws to think you’re great. You hope your co-workers like to work with you. After a presentation, you think about your audience and whether they got anything from it. All normal.

There is a line though, that can get crossed. It’s where you become bogged down, worried, and overly affected by what others think and feel about you. Some nights you wake up reviewing what you said in a conversation and re-working the conversation in your mind, over and over. Or, maybe you are hesitant to wear something you truly love, because of what others would say. Or, you worry that something said or done was taken wrong and misinterpreted. The worry, sleeplessness, and stress that comes from this is your cue to know the line has been crossed.

Think on this quote: “What you think of me is none of my business.” Does this statement resonate with you? Once I embraced this quote, it freed me to stop crossing the line that affected my well being. This statement has helped me put the brakes on overthinking what others think. I do my best to be my best in all situations, and then what others think is not my business. It’s like surrendering what you can not change anyway. This actually has given me courage to be me. It’s not like this has been easy however! One that I struggle with often is the eulogy I said at my mom’s funeral. In hindsight, was honoring enough of this wonderful woman…did it highlight the good she had done in her life…or did it show the struggles more than the good? I review the words sometimes and just hope it was the best it could be for mom. Her funeral was three years ago! I have to remind myself that I did the best I could at the time, and what others think is just ok, and in fact not my business. You may have to remind yourself as well. Please do. It will help you release the hold of what others think, and free you to be ok with you.

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