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Do you need balance?
I can help.

I help women thrown off balance by divorce, or other life challenges, create a life of everyday happiness.

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Picture of Linda in her office
Meet Linda

At age 47, after 23 years of marriage, everything fell apart.  I was broken, scared, depressed, and defeated.  I dragged myself to work, motivated out of financial fear. I knew something had to change.  How could I go forward feeling so empty, abandoned and lost? 


My first morning thought was, “I hate my life.”  I had no idea how I would recover, and what that could look like.  I searched and finally found the courage I needed within me!  The powerful tools I learned will help you clear negative thoughts, calm your fears, and grow where it seems impossible.  It's time to start leaving the pain behind.  I will help you find your way.

What clients are saying...

I started working with Linda back in Sept., 2023 on a very difficult personal situation that I could not find the courage to face or act on. With her sincere guidance, understanding, and empathy she helped me through this extremely difficult situation to make the right decision for myself and others.

In addition to help with this issue, along the way she gave me much insight and great coaching in other areas. I highly recommend Linda to guide and coach you in whatever areas you might find difficult to address and act on.

On the Blog

Helpful resources, real-life stories and inspiration for your everyday life and happiness. Join me.

Does this sound like you?

Do you find yourself hiding in your home under the covers?  Or, are you trying to avoid going home, because of the loneliness that greets you as you walk in the door?

Just imagine...

Imagine guarding your heart from loneliness and your home is where you do it!  You recharge and relax, waking each morning feeling confident and peaceful before grabbing your keys to head out the door, or beginning your day in your home office. Now you use new skills to manage life, without exhausting your friends.  Instead, your calendar is looking fun with exciting events to look forward to. Every day you feel stronger, and in control with a plan of action when days are hard.  Feelings of happiness and gratitude easily flow through you as you realize how different life has become.

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