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Helping hand; Here for you. You are not alone.

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Try reading the blog page for instant encouragement

Gift for you

A 2 x 4 inch flip book (fits in your purse) called "Courage Quotes for Life Challenges."  This is a collection of quotes I found from books, speakers, and friends that empowered me to keep going.  

Click here for Courage Quotes

Sample free book with quotes to instill courage and hope.

Discovery Chat

Before deciding to begin coaching, let's meet by phone or in person about what's on your mind and how coaching can help.  This is a laid back, easy going chat about you.  You'll leave this time together feeling encouraged to look ahead to a brighter future.  The fee for this call is on me, a 30-45 minute complimentary appointment.  To indicate you'd like to set up time for this, please click the button below for next steps.  

Set up a  Discovery Chat

coaching by phone; remote

Internal Chatter Quiz

Do you ever feel like you’re your own worst enemy?  Maybe you’re at home alone and can’t stop crying, or you wake up at night (almost every night) trying to think through solutions, answers, and a path to take to get through this.  Take the Internal Chatter Quiz to find out the specific internal talk that keeps you in tears and unable to sleep.  You’ll learn your biggest chatter line that keeps this pain in motion.


Click below to learn how to access the Quiz and book a 30 minute follow up chat about each answer.  Let's zero in to begin powerful change in the way you treat yourself!  I guarantee you'll leave this session knowing how to conquer the loudest chatter line trying to drain you of courage.


Chatter Quiz and 30 minute coach follow up-$47.00-for limited time only-$29.00


Take the Chatter Quiz

Woman considering change; Life Coaching will help; find your way courageously.

Linda approached me with compassion, and helped me form a plan to support exploration and growth.  I appreciate and value that she has personal experience in what I was seeking support and guidance for, giving me hope that I too can get through this a better, stronger woman!  Tori C.

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